Colleen Butcher Memorial

Colleen was born October 18, 1956 in Los Angeles, California to John and Jeanne Byrne. John was a battalion chief for the LA City Fire Department and Jeanne was a pilot and school administrator. Collen and her sister Kathleen were raised in Westchester. They attended Cowan elementary, Orville Wright middle school, and Westchester High.

During her teen years, by God’s grace and the power of the gospel, the Holy Spirit brought Colleen to repentance of sin and faith in the Son, Jesus Christ. She became a Christian and started attending Hope Chapel, where she met Jim Butcher, who many years later would become her husband.

After high school, she went to Cal State University (Dominquez) and became a certified ex-ray technician for five years. Sensing God’s call to share the gospel with the nations, Colleen entered a program for missionaries in Riggins, Idaho with YWAM Missions. After graduation, she served overseas in China, Nicaragua, and South Korea for two years.

Colleen returned to the United States and went to San Jose State University, where she completed a degree in Occupational Therapy. Using her training and passion for others, Colleen went on to become a hand therapist for 30 years in several hospitals and clinics in Los Angeles.

In the late 90s, Jim and Colleen’s lives intersected again and their friendship from youth blossomed. The two became one in marriage on August 13, 2000, making Colleen into “Mrs. Butcher.” The Butchers served as active members at Del Rey Church, where they lovingly blessed the community. Beyond their ministry locally in the church, Jim and Colleen also volunteered in short term missions helping orphans in Guatemala. Colleen touched so many people in the church with her kindness and her passionate heart for the lost, longing to see those she loved come to Jesus for salvation.

For fun, Colleen enjoyed cooking, playing scrabble, backpacking, camping, rock climbing, skiing and hiking (among her many hiking feats, she climbed Half Dome in Yosemite). Beyond these activities, Colleen enjoyed her friends and family, sharing sweet times with those she loved.

In recent years, Colleen was diagnosed with cancer. With complete trust in God the Father, she bravely fought the spread of cancer and joyfully used her suffering to show the love of Jesus, who suffered for sinners and provided salvation, bringing the lost to Himself. On the morning of July 10, 2015 after a week of being limited to her bed, the Lord Jesus called her home to Himself, setting her free from the labors of this life and giving her the ultimate experience of His blessed presence in heaven. In the earth, Colleen is survived by her husband Jim, her sister Kathleen and two nephews: Jason and Jordan. We are happy she is with the Lord and safe in His hands. In the resurrection, we will all be reunited and as we wait for that glorious day we give thanks for the gift of God’s servant Colleen and how she pointed us to the love that is found in Jesus Christ.