Celebrate Passover Online with DRC's beloved Dr. Zaretsky

Dearest saints of Del Rey Church,

The season of Resurrection (aka Easter) is upon us. Thus, it is important for me as a pastor in the church, to remind our congregation that the Christian liturgical calendar overlaps with the Jewish religious calendar’s celebration of Passover. As you know, the Jewish history of this holiday is a key image used in reference to Jesus in the New Testament, showing (among many things) the prophetic fulfillment of His substitutionary and atoning sacrifice. That said, it is a wonderful window of opportunity with these holidays overlapping to share the gospel from the Hebrew Bible with our Jewish family, friends, and neighbors.

With this hope of sharing Christ, we typically host or highlight a nearby messianic and/or evangelistic Passover service. In fact, one of the missionaries we support, Dr. Tuvya Zaretsky, every year does numbers of these events with Jews for Jesus’ excellent presentation, “Christ in the Passover.” I am writing you to let you know Dr. Zaretsky has informed me of some sad news, namely that Jews for Jesus had cancel more than 750 “Christ in the Passover” presentations throughout America leading up to Easter Sunday, because of the coronavirus quarantine. Thankfully however, they have transitioned quickly to provide an alternate opportunity for blessing churches as they seek to witness and also to understand the biblical Jewish context of our Savior and sacred scripture.

I’m happy to share with you that there will be live-streaming of the Christ in the Passover presentations as webinars between March 29 and April 10. Here is the link where you can register for one of the remaining presentations  https://jewsforjesus.org/christ-in-the-passover-online.

Our partner in the gospel, Dr. Zaretsky, will be hosting in the livestream (among other Jewish believers in Jesus). Just look for his name among the presentations airing live on April 1, 5, 7 and 10. Also, I would encourage you to invite friends from church and especially the lost to join with you and do pray for Dr. Zaretsky and his colleagues at Jews for Jesus as they take this important message online during Passover. If you participate, would you please take a screenshot of the livestream and post it on our DRC Facebook to encourage the saints with what you learned and/or how you used it to reach out to others.

I miss you all. Many blessings to you. 

Prayerfully yours,

Pastor Matt Jones