Building Fund

Our church has a vision to re-build the church campus to further our mission of reaching the lost and making disciples. We enlisted the pro bono aid of fellow Christians who are architects and general contractors, who donated their time to producing some initial plans and drawings for us. They estimated that the cost of such a project would be $8 million. More information coming soon.

Two years ago, we created a Building Fund and started contributing to it. We are off to a modest start, with almost $400,000 donated so far. 

This is where things get a little exciting!

Last week, an anonymous donor offered to match, dollar-for-dollar, each contribution made to the Building Fund before the end of the year, up to $10,000. That means that if the congregation makes a number of donations totalling $10,000, the donor would match that with the donor's own $10,000, and that would make a total of $20,000. 

After this announcement, two other anonymous donors ALSO decided to add their own matching funds, again up to $10,000 each. So now each dollar donated leads to 3 more dollars in matching funds! If the congregation gives at least $10,000, then those three donors would give their entire matching fund, or $30,000.

So contribute your $5 and see that turn into $20.

Or $100 and see that turn into $400.

Or $1,000 and see that turn into $4,000.

Above all, pray in thanksgiving to the Lord for His provision and generosity. We rely on Him, not on earthly efforts.

To give via check or cash, download this pledge form and enclose it with your check or cash in the Sunday offering.

To give online, use this form: