Brains, Souls, and Free Will

The scientific evidence for the existence of the human soul is something that most people have never been exposed to.  For Christians, it is something clearly taught inside of scripture and yet many believers still have not vested much time considering the ramifications of the soul and how to defend it in the marketplace of ideas.  Strangely enough, with the prevelance of liberalism in many corners of evangelicalism, the denial of the human soul and the notion of dualism is becoming more popular today.  It is cool among many ill-informed Christian scholars to doubt the existence of the soul and some even have the nerve to invoke the Bible to support such an unbelievable claim.  Given the confusion among some ivory tower evaneglicals in scholarship and the potential trickle down effect to the church, I sat down to write a short article on the soul.  While doing so, I took aim to equip believers not only to reason with evangelicals who have been bamboozled to disagree with the perpescuity of Scripture, but also to reason with those antagonists outside of the believing community who say the soul is not real.  I hope you will enjoy this article and find its arguments both persuasive and biblical.  CLICK HERE TO ENJOY MY ARTICLE ON THE SOUL.