We’re getting a new pastor at Del Rey Church! That’s right, a new pastor. We’re so excited!

As you know, we have a team approach to pastoral ministry, meaning the church is led by a plurality or team of pastors or elders (btw, the terms elder and pastor are synonyms). As well, you know that we are a congregational church who loves to have the shared voices of our sisters and brothers involved when it comes to acknowledging new pastors. That said, we have been talking about this pastoral candidate for over a year now at congregational meetings, bringing his name up as one we hope will become a pastor and now the time has come. Who is this man?

It is Atlas Hardy.

The pastors of Del Rey Church are filled with joy in presenting to you DRC community this man, Atlas Hardy, as an elder in our church. Atlas has been on our church staff for a few years now and attending our church even longer. He has proven himself of having the biblical qualifications of an elder and we believe God has raised him up to be a shepherd of souls among us. We has been happily married to our beloved sister Demira Hardy for six years and they have three beautiful children they’re raising in the ways of the Lord. If you’ve been around the church long enough, you’ve no doubt experienced Atlas' giftedness in teaching and in leadership. Atlas heads off our children’s Awana program, our DRC Missions efforts, DRC media and our Youth program. He’s talented, hard-working, filled with the Spirit and above we believe God has called him to this role as a pastor.

In Acts 20:28, we read about how it is the Holy Spirit who raises up pastors to shepherd the church. In light of this we acknowledge that God chooses the elders - we don’t. But God uses us in the process, which is the point about discernment and biblical qualifications in the instructions in the pastoral epistles. The church is the eyes and ears of testing a man, so with that said, we—the pastors of DRC—are asking you—DEL REY CHURCH (members and non-members)—if you know any reason why this man—Atlas Hardy—ought not to be ordained as a pastor in our church? At the beginning of a wedding, the minister asks, “If anyone has any reason why this couple should not be married, let him speak now or forever hold his peace.” Similarly, we are asking you to speak now or forever hold your peace as we will be planning a big celebration and ordination party sometime next month for Atlas. In the next couple weeks, if you have any reservations or concerns, please reach out to let the elders know. As well, if you would like to express your joys and excitement (as we the elders ourselves are full of excitement in having Atlas join our team), please share those too. You can share in person or email any of the elders: Dave, Tony, Bill, Gary or Matt by typing any of those names followed by @delreychurch.com (so Pastor Dave is dave@delreychurch.com and so on). 

In sum, the elders of DRC believe God has raised up Atlas Hardy to be an elder in our church. He’s been tested and stands up to the biblical criteria and has proven himself in our local church. At this time, we are just acknowledging him as a pastor, so it’s not a congregational vote thing, like it is when it comes to appointing church board officers; nonetheless, you are the church so share with your pastors about our desire to have Atlas as a new pastor in our congregation. And let’s pray for God’s blessing on our leaders and for the Spirit to continue to raise up men for eldership in our midst.