A Day to Fast and Pray (The Gospel Coalition)


The Gospel Coalition has organized a day of fasting and prayer tomorrow April 4, 2020. https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/day-fast-pray-april-4/

This is an opportunity for us to seek our Lord during these uncertain times and profess our total dependence on Him and His sovereign plan. You can click the link above for more information but here are the basics of what will happen:

The day to fast and pray will have three primary prayer times, with guided prayers for each segment. (Click here for a prayer companion booklet to help guide you more thoroughly through the day).

Morning Prayer: Personal Prayer. We encourage you to spend Saturday morning in personal prayer, focused around Psalm 27.

Midday Prayer: Community Prayer. We hope you will spend this time praying with others in your community—perhaps your family around the kitchen table, or maybe your church small group or friends on a video call. Community group leaders, if you have time you can organize a time of prayer with your groups.

Evening Prayer: Online Prayer and Worship. During this one-hour prayer time on Facebook and YouTube, various brothers and sisters, pastors and ministry leaders, as well as special musicians, will help guide us through a unifying moment of corporate prayer and worship. You can pray with us, share your own prayer requests, and pray for others’ requests in the comments section.

Click here to join on Facebook.  

Click here to join on YouTube.

Fasting: The details of the fast are up to you. Perhaps you choose to go without one or two meals on Saturday, breaking the fast at dinner. Maybe you fast from something other than food. Choose something that works for you and your family. If you’re new to fasting, click here for a resource to guide you.

I want to encourage you all to be part of tomorrow’s day of prayer and fasting in whatever way you can. I know it might not be possible to take part in the whole day, especially for those families who are busy with kids, but don’t let that prevent you from participating in some way. If you can only join for one time of prayer, do it. If you can only fast for one meal, do it. If for some reason you can’t participate tomorrow at all, consider picking another day to do this with your own family or with a group from the church. May God be glorified as we seek Him during this time.

Brian Criscuolo, Missional Director