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How to Know if You Are a Real Christian

Have you ever wondered if you are a true Christian? Have you ever been asked by someone else about assurance as a Christian? Listen to what Jonathan Edwards said on this important question.

The Gospel Cure

What is the scriptural cure for spiritual depression? This question begs another one: Should we assume that there will always be a cure for discomforts in this life?

Men's Group Starts Again

PLEASE pray for all of the men at Del Rey Church to wake up and come on Tuesdays at 6am. Seriously, we need the men to gather and no doubt demons will fight against us.

Lyrical Catechism

Catechism is an indispensable tool for parents discipling their kids. Here's a great rap catechism for kids that enjoy rap.

Word-Faith Heresy is Blinding

The word-faith heresy is blinding many who claim to be Christians. As a church we want to be a light in the darkness. In this post we will equip you to share with those trapped in the word-faith heresy.

Why Pastor Matt Homeschools His Kids

While not every Christian rolls this way by no means, Pastor Matt and his wife Erika are big-time homeschool advocates. Here's a little look at some of the reasons why....


We long to see key people in our church trade-in their life in the states to move into a global community to share the gospel and plant churches. Here's a place for you to begin.

Scholars Program for Emancipated Foster Youth

Koinonia Family Services emailed our church and asked us to "keep this program in prayer." Find our more.

Zeitgeist, Mindless Culture and the Truth

It's crazy what people will believe these days. Have you heard of the Zeitgeist movie? Talk about drinking the kool aide....


We have a missions trip coming soon and we want to know DRC if you want to go....