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False Prophets in Jeremiah

Lies can be lethal. This was something the ancient prophet Jeremiah understood. In this blog post, we explore the message of the false prophets in the book of Jeremiah.

Brains, Souls, and Free Will

Do humans have souls? Is there such a thing as immaterial souls? If so, what exactly is a soul? Check out this post.

The End For Which God Created The World

Why was the world created? What is its chief end? In the late 1700s, theologian Jonathan Edwards wrote a powerful answer to these important questions.

Teenager Becomes Church Member

Kyle Barnes Luna became a church member last month and you all need to hear about this amazing young man!!!


Pastor Matt spoke about Elders and Deacons at the Membership meeting. Here's a biblical follow-up on these positions in the church.

Freemasonry and the Christian

Have you heard of the Masons or the Masonic Temple? There is a temple (or "center" as they renamed it to sound more cool) right across from the church. Every wonder why they are at odds with historic Christianity?

Romanism, Rebaptism and the Gospel

The gospel and baptism go hand in hand and yet because of the tradition of many, specifically that of Romanism, this historic and apostolic fact has been clouded. Check out this blog post on the legitimacy of Romanist baptism and the necessity of the gospel in this sacred ordinance.

How to Know if You Are a Real Christian

Have you ever wondered if you are a true Christian? Have you ever been asked by someone else about assurance as a Christian? Listen to what Jonathan Edwards said on this important question.

The Gospel Cure

What is the scriptural cure for spiritual depression? This question begs another one: Should we assume that there will always be a cure for discomforts in this life?

Men's Group Starts Again

PLEASE pray for all of the men at Del Rey Church to wake up and come on Tuesdays at 6am. Seriously, we need the men to gather and no doubt demons will fight against us.