Pastor's Wife and Church Life

In this post, Pastor Chad Vegas of Sovereign Grace Bakersfield reflects on how we ought to biblically view women married to pastors in our churches.

A Question/Clarification from the Sermon

In the introduction of my sermon last week (July 2, 2023), I got into Independence Day, secular culture, Pride stuff, slavery, and racism. After the message, I was asked a question about something I said about Lincoln.

People of Color in Church History

This blogpost provides readers with a list of books for learning about people of color in church history with an emphasis on Black and African heritage.

Reading list on race, ministry, and more

Here is a short reading list of racial history for those working in urban ministry in North America…

Is Faith a Gift in Eph.2?

Does Ephesians 2:8-9 teach us that faith is a gift from God? In short, yes. The longer answer is unpacked in this blogpost.

2 Samuel Sermon Question

After our 2 Samuel 12 study on David, there was an important question about prayer and God, which this blog post will tackle. Get your Bibles open and enjoy this study...

Book Club is Back! January 2023!

The book club is back! We are starting in January 2023. Come join us!


Here’s an interesting question – “can demons taunt or tempt you through dreams?&rd...

DRBI Upcoming Course...

We are excited to announce that our next DRBI course will be on the Holy Spirit. Stay tuned for more details on Pneumatology 101. It's going to be epic.

Lyrical Catechism

Catechism is an indispensable tool for parents discipling their kids. Here's a great rap catechism for kids that enjoy rap.