Del Rey Bible Institute (DRBI): Spring 2018


How God Wants Us To Manage Money

WEDNESDAYS 7:00 to 8:30 PM

February 7 to May 2


Want to get organized financially?

Want to achieve life goals on how to live, how to give, how to owe, and how to grow?

Want to know more about what God says about money and how He wants us to use it to accomplish the things He has commanded us to do?

This class is going to be for you. Young or old, high-income or lower-income, wealthy or just getting by, we can all know more and do better with one of the main resources God has given us: money. It's such an important topic that over 2,300 Bible verses deal directly with the issue of money. Our Lord Jesus talked more about money and possessions than about heaven and hell.

Plus we are going to get really practical. By the end of class, you'll have a budget, an understanding of where your money has been going, a plan for achieving financial goals, and a system for keeping track of your bank accounts, loans, credit cards, retirement accounts, and investments. 

We'll be basing our studies on the work of two noted Christian brothers. In his video series God Owns It All and book Master Your Money, Ron Blue tackles the money question we all ask: How much is enough? The answer to this question is found in God’s Word. With over four decades of experience in the financial-services industry, Ron Blue presents financial principles that are affirmed by the authority of Scripture and tested by the marketplace. He knows that God’s principles work and are needed in our finances. These biblically based principles will equip us to approach money management and financial planning with freedom, generosity, contentment, and confidence. When we apply the biblical truths offered in this study, our finances will be ordered, our decisions will be simplified, and our experience will invite contentment in all areas of our lives.

In addition we are going to get the short-term (between now and death) and long-term (think: "everlasting life") perspective from the biblical and therefore true perspective. In Money, Possessions, and Eternity, Randy Alcorn discusses rethinking our perspectives on money and possessions. In this thoroughly researched and extensively updated classic, Randy shows us how to view them accurately: as God's provision for our good, the good of others, and his glory. Randy presents a biblical and comprehensive view of money and possessions, including the following:

  • Why is money so important to God?
  • What is materialism and how does it affect us?
  • What should we do about debt?
  • How much does God want us to give?
  • How can we best help the poor and reach the lost?
  • What about gambling? investing? insurance? saving? retirement? inheritance?
  • How can we leave our children a true heritage?
  • How can we use money in ways that God rewards?

Class fee is $50, which helps to cover the cost of the class and includes 3 books and a binder. Couples can share books, so total cost for both of you would be $70.

Childcare will be provided free of charge.

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